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Dhaj is a Miqo’te raised by royal Duskwight Elezens, Himmex Broucoux and Ezette Dgadad, who survived the 4th Umbral calamity in the caves of the South Shroud. Himmex and Ezette were two of the few Duskwight Elezens who survived the catastrophe, and found shelter in Lower La Noscea centuries before Master Gegeruju claimed the islands for his own.

Here, Himmex and Ezette learnt the ways of an uncolonised Vylbrand, thanks to the Kobolds and Sahagins. During a more recent Hydaelyn as we know it now, Dhaj was found in Costa Del Sol shores as a kitten boy. Himmex, Ezette and Dhaj lived an harmonious life in the capitalised sea empire of Limsa Lominsa, until the two elders passed and Dhaj was left with his uncle, Lyngsath. Dhaj acquired all possible studies of food in his teen years, and decided to become a world adventurer to explore what tastes and drinks Hydaelyn had to offer. He met many interesting people along his journey, and with his adoptive parents in his heart and mind, he is now fulfilling his dream, reminding others of life values through delicious meals and a distinguished smile.

During the Dellemont d'Or, Lyngsath recommended Dhaj Dgadad to take part in the competition and represent The Bismarck. When they came head-to-head with H'mhasi Tia and Melkoko Melko wishes to increase the stakes of the final match of the competition, Lyngsath puts the ownership for the restaurant on the line, putting complete faith in Dhaj Dgadad and his cooking ability. When Dhaj earns the first ever ten in the history of the competition, Lyngsath congratulates him and thanks him for saving the Bismarck once again, encouraging him to continue his journey as a Culinarian.